Auxiliary locking: functional and design-oriented


The additional locking element can be used wherever an additional lock is required alongside the main lock. Typical application areas are medical and law practices or hotels for example. Another application area is in all types of interlocks, such as connected bathrooms in hospitals or hatches in laboratories.

NEW: Auxiliary locking model 9338

The elegant solution combines a 138T ProFix® series electric strike and a magnetic bolt counterpart. As a concealed solution, it offers higher tamper protection compared to conventional holding magnets. Thanks to the con-cealed design the door element / frame can be easily cleaned and high hyguenic standards can be fulfilled, such as those in medical facilities.

The difference: complete integration – flat surface

The additional locking element 9338 is completly concealed installed in the door leaf and its frame. Compared to standard additional locking elements, the magnetic deadbolt stays inside the housing till the door reach the correct position. This ensures completely flat surfaces with no mechanical elements protruding. The concealed design creates a nice door design.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Concealed installation, visually attractive
  • No need for big visible cutouts in the frame
  • No latch profile edge required on the frame; flanged striking plates are no longer necessary
  • No additional closing pressure needed
  • Optional: monitoring contact and armature contact
  • Electric strike and magnetic latch are adjustable due to FaFix®
  • Passed 1 Mio. Cycles in our internal factory test

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