ASSA ABLOY Middle East brings access control solutions into the limelight with “Open Day” access control event


On 12th of September, ASSA ABLOY held an “Open Day” access control event at Pullman JLT for the leading partners, engineers and consultants.

ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent locks and security solutions, including access control. In the Middle East, we are promoting a one-stop solution for complete project requirements to designers and consultants.

Access control systems by ASSA ABLOY enable administrators to control access to secure areas through physical, logical, electronic, offline, online and wireless access control solutions. Access control is the ideal way of overcoming the challenges posed by a high turnover of people entering or exiting any facility.

As per data published in “Wireless access control report” by Ifsec Global in September 2018, the interest to access control products is on the rise with the global wireless access control market growing briskly at a CAGR of 7.9%.

Facilities managers and security departments increasingly recognize the benefits of access control such as reduced maintenance cost, energy consumption, easy installation and many others. In addition, wireless systems became less expensive over time, while more reliable and versatile (The wireless access control report 2018, Ifsec Global).

Taking these factors into consideration, one of the key priorities for ASSA ABLOY ME in 2018 is bringing access control products into the limelight. On 12th of September, ASSA ABLOY conducted an “Open Day” access control event at Pullman JLT for the leading partners, engineers and consultants.

The agenda included an introduction of Aperio, Abloy CLIQ and Traka solutions by ASSA ABLOY, as well as ARX access systems followed by live demo sessions.

Available globally, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® devices enable access control providers to cost-effectively integrating non-wired doors with mechanical locks into new or existing access control systems. Doors merely need to be fitted with battery-powered, RFID-equipped Aperio® locks, cylinders, escutcheons or the new H100 Aperio® handle.

Server rack locks (KS100) are also available. Then all Aperio® devices are linked to the access control system via a communications hub for online integration, or via an update on the card for offline integration. As a result, security and facility managers have greater control, can easily respond to organizational changes and only need to monitor a single security system; users carry a single RFID access card.

CLIQ® is a security locking system with high-end security, microelectronics and programmable keys. It combines mechanical and electronic protection to match different security and flexible access needs. Power is supplied by a battery inside every CLIQ® key. In this wire-free system, each key can be programmed and updated individually to allow access to specific areas at specific times and dates, accommodating changing access requirements and ensuring maximum security.

ARX is rapidly becoming a success among customers. Being a modular access control system, it offers the customer a standard base set up with an option to add on modules according to need. The typical installation is either at customers requiring a large system with basic or repetitive functionality, or smaller systems with multiple and complex functionalities.

Traka systems enable you to secure, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset, including premises, devices, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles. Traka provides intelligent key management and equipment management to better protect your important assets - resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage and fewer losses, which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

ASSA ABLOY is grateful to all the visitors and team members, who made this event a success!