ASSA ABLOY to propose door and hardware inspection and audit to the clients


The importance of well-maintained functioning doors cannot be overlooked; be it your main entrance that is the first impression that clients and customers gain of your company, the general doors that separate different parts of your facility and ensure flow around your building or emergency exits that function properly to ensure the safety of your staff and visitor. Your security is our priority, ASSA ABLOY is there to propose door and hardware inspection and audit for schools, accommodations, colleges, hospitals, mansions, residential and commercial buildings.

Our staff will visit your facility and carry out a comprehensive inspection following a step-by-step checklist of your doors and hardware.  We will inspect every aspect of your doors such as the alignment of the leaf and frame as excessive and uneven loads can reduce the operating life of other components.  The correct functioning of any hardware fitted to the door including emergency devices. We can also comment on any safety and compliance issues surround the doors and layout.

On completion of the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report stating any rectification work necessary with no obligation.  If you do decide to go through with the rectification work, ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions can provide a fully qualified professional team that can complete all aspects of work from fitting new hardware to the replacement of entire doors.

 To book your inspection call our toll free number 800 ASSAABLOY (800 277222569) or email at

 Be safe, be ASSA ABLOY!