Change of commercial footprint for “ABLOY “ in the Middle East


Since the foundation of ASSA ABLOY in 1994, Abloy has successfully developed a market leading portfolio of security products and a strong focus in many vertical segments including solutions for critical infrastructure.

In order to leverage the position that Abloy has built in critical infrastructure and to accelerate its role as a full solution provider on global basis, it has been decided to create a dedicated Abloy Critical Infrastructure Unit as part of the ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions -Division. All other Abloy business activities will remain as part of the ASSA ABLOY EMEA Opening Solutions -Division, where Abloy will increase its focus as an innovative provider of security products to other market segments. 

This change will reflect also in ASSA ABLOY operations in the Middle East -markets, where ABLOY products and solutions will have two streamlines:

 I) ABLOY Security & Access Team working under local ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Middle East will serve you ABLOY products, solutions, services and focused support for such verticals like: 

o Military, police, customs services, prisons and  other “uniform” services 

o Museums, casinos 

o Educations (schools, universities)

o Finances (banking, data centers, etc.) 

o Sport venues, shopping malls, high end commercial and institutional projects 

o OEM’s related with above (vending, parking meters, ATM’s etc.) 

II) Critical Infrastructure Team under ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions will serve you ABLOY and ASSA ABLOY products, solutions, services and dedicated support for such verticals like: 

o Telecommunication 

o Utilities, electricity, water, gas and heating utilities

o Transportation: sea, rail, road, air 

o Petrochemical, downstream and upstream 

o Mining 

o OEMs related with above verticals

Abloy has built a strong footprint within security & access as well as in critical infrastructure markets and this move will strengthen ASSA ABLOY to leverage the market knowledge and technology more effectively in the Middle East as part of our EMEA and Global Solutions organizations, as well as creating stronger service and software revenue streams.