Sweden’s irreplaceable maritime heritage is entrusted to CLIQ®

Part of the Swedish National Maritime Museums, Stockholm’s Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum) preserves and exhibits the world’s only intact 17th-century ship.

The customer


Vasamuseet (www.vasamuseet.se)


Stockholm, Sweden


CLIQ devices installed:

CLIQ system with 700 cylinders



Year of installation:


The challenge

1 million visitors every year
In 1628, the warship “Vasa” sank off Stockholm less than a mile into its maiden voyage. Salvaged in the 1950s, in the 21st century its dedicated marina site is now the most visited museum in Scandinavia.
These unique premises sought an upgrade to their existing mechanical master-key system, so visitors could move freely around the museum, but exhibits remain safe around the clock.


Key requirements included:

  • secure locks to meet stringent security standards laid down by the insurance company (Class 3 locking)    
  • improved key security, including a solution to the persistent problem of lost mechanical keys, which compromise building security and create lots of manual work    
  • new locks which would not spoil existing museum architecture or require new doors

The solution

700 interior door cylinders
Museum staff and other key-holders carry a single, programmable CLIQ key which opens only authorised doors. Access rights are tailored specifically for every individual at the museum, be it permanent or temporary staff, visitor or contractor.
This precious warship that can no longer defend itself — so CLIQ protects it.


A lighter load
Previously, staff carried keychains with 10 or more keys. Now managers can amend the rights of everyone’s CLIQ key at any time, even remotely, using the CLIQ Web Manager.
It’s easy to issue contractors such as carpenters with access rights programmed to end as soon as their work is complete. With CLIQ, a lost key’s access rights are removed, instantly, and it no longer opens any doors.

“With CLIQ, it’s clear where our keys are.”
Michael Andrésen, Operations and Security Officer at the State Maritime Museums, Sweden