Floor Springs

Effortless Impression with Floor Springs.

The real beauty is what you don't see.

You only get one chance to make a first impression: Keep the focus on your design by fitting Floor Springs from ASSA ABLOY. A hidden helping hand, they combine the accessibility and fire regulation compliance you need with the minimalist aesthetics you want. They are there when you need them, out of sight when you don't.

The real beauty is what you can’t see

Doors mount directly into a floor spring embedded in the floor, and top-pivot — no hinges, no mess, just pure focus on your design. Available in a range of finishes, with consistent design across the range, they effortlessly enhance any entrance.

Accessibility & fire safety.

Designed with Cam-Motion technology at their heart: It does the heavy lifting, so building users don't have to. As you open the door, resistance from the closer rapidly falls, providing optimal ergonomic opening. Certified for use on fire doors and accessibility compliant, Cam-Motion technology ensures no door becomes a barrier, but an opening.

Any door: large, heavy, even glass

The perfect partner for every entrance door, big or small. With durable construction, floor springs from ASSA ABLOY suit doors up to 300kg. Accessories attach floor springs to any door type, even glass doors. Any floor spring can be two-way or one-way opening, with adjustable power size models, you could cover an entire building using just two products.