ProSecure 2 and ProSecure 3 High Security Doors

ASSA ABLOY ProSecure doors and frames are available in high security ranges.

Certified by BRE laboratory from UK, our doors meet the highest security standards and requirements. SR2 certified doors are ideal for office buildings and small shops, as well as any business that stores items worth a few thousand dirhams, located in heavily populated areas, in case if an unauthorised person tries accessing the premises. In case, if you need a much higher security protection level or your business is likely to be targeted by intruders, ASSA ABLOY proposes SR3 certified external security features to make sure your premises are protected.

In order to pass the strict requirements of SR3 procedure the door should be able to withstand an attack that lasts up to 5 minutes each tool from the intruder that will typically bring large hand tools, such as crowbars, hacksaws, and hammers, as well as items such as cordless drills and gas torches. If this is the level of protection you are looking for, our SR3 certified door will go extra mile to make sure your property is secured.

Security rating classification Tool category Maximum working time(minutes) Maximum test duration(minutes)
SR1 A 1 10
SR2 B 3 15
SR3 C 5 20



  • Security Certification: LPS 1175: Issue 8
  • Security Rating: SR2 & SR3
  • Fire Certification: UL 10C
  • Range of sizes as per classification 
  • Doors and  frames are made of steel
  • Single or double-leaf version with or without vision panel


The doors are made of steel sheets. Door leaves are filled with Rockwool with vertical stiffeners.


  • Standard finish - RAL 5010, 6005, 7035, 9002, 9010, 9016 
  • Factory applied primer as standard finish


  • Pre-coated steel sheets RAL 5010, 7035, 9002, 9010, 9016  
  • Stainless steel finish (cladding) 
  • Wet paint (spray paint) 


  • Doors leaves are wrapped with foil in order to protect during the transport and the assembly
  • Single or double leaf 
  • Door with or without vision panel
  • Oversize with maximum height or width
  • Oversized Double Door up to 2650mm wide X 2750mm high
  • Oversized Single Door up to 1300mm wide X 2750mm high


  • Welded corner


  • ASSA ABLOY Hinges 
  • ASSA ABLOY Door Closer
  • ABLOY Lockset 
  • ABLOY Hardened Steel Cylinder* 
  • ABLOY Exit Device


VIP houses, utility buildings, cashier rooms, currency exchanges, box offices, airports, shopping centers, embassies, municipal buildings, hospitals, defence and stadiums etc
Additional Options
As additional and optional accessories we offer:
  • Self-closing devices: door closers and door coordinators 
  • Thresholds and various types of drop seals