Gripsafe- Anti-viral copper tape for handles


Anti-viral copper door handle tape proven to inactivate 99.98% of corona viruses*, reducing the transmission of bacteria and germs on door handles.

This is the ideal and cost effective hygienic solution for reducing the spread of bacteria and germs throughout buildings, keeping users safe.

To be used in conjunction with a range of methods for reducing the spread of germs, including recommended cleaning and sanitization, and touch free door hardware products.


  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial copper door handle tape
  • Copper plated polyamide fleece surface material
  • Acrylat acrylic (adhesive resistance -40°C to +120°C) adhesive material
  • *Tested and proven to eliminate 99.98% of TGEV (transmissible gastroenteritis virus) corona viruses after 60 minutes. Independently tested by the Eurovir® hygiene laboratory.
  • 10 cm width x 8 cm height x 0.55mm thickness
  • Easy to fit and can be removed in future if required


  •  Copper


  • ISO 18184:2014-09 Appendix G
  • Manufacturers declaration available upon request