The safety and security of your pupils, staff and visitors is the utmost priority to us
We make sure your doors and hardware adhere to the latest fire protection standards
We make sure panic exit devices provide fast and easy evacuation in case of emergency

Service - Your vision, our future

At ASSA ABLOY, we are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best service in the industry. We are one of the few organizations to offer a complete door set solution as well as service and maintenance packages for the end user.

The importance of well-maintained functioning doors cannot be ignored; be it your main entrance, which is the first impression that clients and customers gain of your company or the interior doors that separate different parts of your facility. 

We are: 

  • Experts in our field

Our engineers are highly skilled to required standards and regulations.  As a leading manufacturer, we can offer like for like product replacement and in depth technical support and guidance.

  • Highly Efficient

Regardless of your enquiry location, our UAE wide coverage ensures we can reach you quickly. With our own van in stock, our engineers can provide on-site repairs offering quick solutions.

Your safety and security is our priority!

 Fire Door inspections are essential to ensure health and safety measures

  • Fire rated doors installed with certified fire rated hardware slows down the spread of fire, ensures a smooth evacuation and could save lives in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire doors inspection must be done regularly, as they are crucial in protecting escape routes and maintaining compartmentation.
  • A professional should be consulted for door maintenance
  • Fire doors requires intumescent and smoke seals.
  • Fire doors must be label mentioning the fire door characteristics of the door.
  • Inspection of door hardware is also important for Fire doors.
  • Fire doors should be use with door closers or automatic closing devices.
  • All exit doors should be free to exit in case of an emergency and outside lock should not hinder the safe exit.

As part of the varied range of services we offer, we provide a comprehensive inspection to suit your specific requirements. We offer maintenance contracts with the following inspections intervals.

Our team of inspectors will ensure that your fire doors meet all the required standards and regulations. They will be able to identify potential issues and work with you in order to suggest provisions for a solution.

The inspection includes

• Inspect every aspect of your doors, such as the alignment of the leaf and frame, the correct functioning of the hardware, access control and panic exit devices

• The identification of any potential issues that could affect safety and integrity of fire/exit doors

• A detailed report, offering advice and recommendations on the necessary improvements

• A repair proposal, which can include replacement of doors and a regular maintenance program, on request


Apart from Fire Door inspections, we offer 3 types of fire door maintenance service packages

• Bronze Service (non – comprehensive) - An entry-level agreement with routine service, discounted labor and parts

• Silver Service (semi – comprehensive) - A superior level agreement with reduced maintenance costs

• Gold Service (comprehensive) - A premium level agreement for peace of mind and budget planning

Our highly skilled and continuously trained technicians are the specialists in maintaining fire doors. 

Our technicians will

• Identify your needs precisely

• Maintain and control your fire closures

• Maintain the integrity of your fire doors

• Respect the agreed deadlines


Contact us for a wide selection of door services to provide exactly the level of care you need. 

Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code on the door leaf to connect to our service team.