How Access Control can Support Sustainability Strategies

When it comes to sustainability strategies and energy efficiency, security and access control systems might not be the first things that come to mind. After all, they aren’t the most obvious culprit of energy consumption for most organizations. However, there are many ways in which access control systems can actually be a positive benefit to your sustainability strategy, reduce your environmental footprint and cut energy bills.

Wireless locks are battery-operated and therefore consume less energy when compared to their mains-powered counterparts. Whereas wired systems require a constant power source, wireless systems use minimal power when not being used. That means they only use a fraction of the energy a typical wired lock and reader would consume.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions offer a wide range of wireless access control solutions for new and existing buildings that can all play a role in meeting your business’ sustainability strategy and reduce its environmental footprint.

Another use case for complex businesses with remote sites:
Petrol savings achieved with programmable keys and remotely updated access permissions

The low power usage of wireless systems isn’t the only benefit when it comes to energy efficient access control solutions. Reducing the mileage needed to be covered by mobile workers, service providers and repair teams is also an effective option. But what does that have to do with access control systems?

Imagine you have workers who need access to specific site with restricted access. One option is to have one key held at a head office that needs to be collected and returned whenever needed. Or alternatively, you can install a programmable, electronic key-based locking solution such as CLIQ® from ASSA ABLOY. 

Instead of one shared bunch of traditional keys used by mobile workers and contractors that needs to be picked up and returned to head office, programmable CLIQ® keys which can be issued to anyone and given personalised access permissions in real-time.

Each person who needs access to your company’s site gets an electronic key. A system administrator is able to give or revoke access permissions remotely via the CLIQ® Web Manager and the key-holder only needs to update the key using the CLIQ® Connect app and a Bluetooth® connection. As a result, there’s no need for unnecessary travel and therefore, no unnecessary fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Plus, it saves your workers time too.

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